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Corporate Governance

Boubyan Petrochemical Co.(BPC)  recognizes the importance of Implementing the Corporate Governance rules which aim to protect and to balance the interests of the management of the company and its shareholders, as well as, other stakeholders .

Therefore, BPC is pleased to present the annual Corporate Governance report for the fiscal year ending 30/4/2017, that is a brief of how BPC has implemented a phased approach to meet the Corporate Governance requirements stipulated in CMA Executive bylaws  (Book No.15 / resolution No 72/2015 )   .


 * BPC -CG -Annual Report as on 30/4/2017 

Investor Relations Unit ( IR )

The Investor Relations Unit ( IR ) aims to act as a liaison between the company and its current shareholders & prospective investors by providing them with sufficent information, reports.

(IR) unit can be reached at email : IR@boubyan.com